What our Clients Have to Say About our Solutions

“Finally – a media burning software solution that simply works.”
-Dan, PACS Administrator

“Front desk personnel simply use Vertex to import studies on a CD/DVD – never worrying about DICOM or proprietary formats.”
-Micha, Senior PACS Administrator

“Sorna has the right product at the right price and meets all of our production demands, from an Imaging Center to a large hospital.”
-Cathy, Radiology Director

“We use Vertex to anonymize studies with a single click and make CDs for our Fellows and Interns.”
-Joseph, PACS Staff

“It only takes seconds to update the Vertex client for all users, saving us lots of time.”
-James, IT Director

“We replaced five different applications from three vendors with Vertex – significantly reducing cost and simplifying user training and support.”
-Linda, Radiology Director

“We just send the studies to Vertex, it automatically burns them on CDs/DVDs for the patient, and sends them to the cloud for the referring physician.”
-Michael, Radiology Director

“I just query the PACS, and drag-and-drop the study on top of the burner icon and watch Vertex do the rest.”
-Edgar, File Room

“We only type in the password and click OK. Vertex creates a secure DICOM DISC. Embedded Reviewer will decrypt and display the studies.”
-Lucy, Director, Medical Records

“Our videos are converted to DICOM and stored to PACS in minutes. Vertex is amazing.”
-Viet, Manager, Endoscopy

“Since Vertex is integrated with our PACS, Radiology Technicians scan paper or drag-and-drop office documents right into a study.”
-Chris, Radiology Manager

“Using Vertex’s SDS feature, we send studies directly and securely to our physicians’ Apple computers.”
-Mina, IT Manager

“In one word, Vertex is ingenious. We can take just about anything and send it just about anywhere.’’
-Steven, Director Imaging Services

“Vertex runs on my Windows Surface tablet – I do everything with the tip of my finger.”
-Desiree, Radiology Technician

“We have not requested a CD re-send from a facility in months.”
-Barbara, Medical Records