DICOM CD Burner Hardware: How to Choose a System

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Choosing a DICOM CD burner system

What You Should Know About DICOM CD Burners Before You Buy   Whether you’re running a large hospital or a small imaging center, having the right DICOM CD burner for your business is a must. The system you choose will be used by multiple members of your team on a daily basis for many years. Regardless of what system you choose, both the hardware and software are an investment of time and money, so you’ll want to make sure that your selection is the right fit for your organization.   When will you need a new machine? Many companies don’t think about

House Votes to Repeal Medical Device Tax

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The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to repeal the medical device tax, originally implemented as a piece of President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, by a vote of 283 to 132. Fifty-seven Democrats voted with Republicans to eliminate the 2.3 percent tax. All eyes are now on the Senate to see what may happen next. <Read More>

Doctors are Increasingly Turning to Food as Medicine

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Diet and Health We are all well aware of the importance of our diet for our health.  Unfortunately having the awareness and making sure we steer clear of processed foods and make healthier choices doesn’t always happen in practice. Healing sick bodies requires the right medical professional and testing equipment but also the proper nutrition. Functional Medicine Approach A functional medicine approach or seeing your food as medicine helps you make better decisions about what (and how) to eat in order to make the best decisions for your recovery and wellbeing.  Doctor and nutritionists are now uncovering the benefits of

Streamlining Data Delivery with Vertex®

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Executive Summary Managing incoming data requests, faster DICOM processing, improved user interfaces, digital sharing support and increased connectivity speed were only some of the goals eHealth Technologies had for partnering with Sorna Corporation and integrating Vertex to manage data requests to send to major hospitals across the U.S. Challenges Medical images received by eHealth Technologies come primarily in the form of CDs from healthcare facilities and clinics located throughout the US. The majority of the data follows DICOM format although a significant amount is also received following proprietary formats.  Much of the data was unusable before Vertex. The eHealth Technologies